Transformative travel with Javier Labourt

Discover much more than just the beautiful places on your route

Do you desperately need to get out of your routine but don’t have the time or inclination to put together the trip that suits you best? Are you in a time of change and looking for enriching experiences that will give you the emotional well-being you’d like to achieve? Are you about to embark on an adventure and would like to return home with more than just souvenirs of the places you’ve visited?

What is our starting point?

Initially, we will analyze your needs, and determine the duration of our virtual meetings. We usually meet between 6 and 12 sessions via video call.

How do we travel our journey together?

Whether you have a journey planned, or you are thinking about setting one, we will work through that process together, so you are able to define goals for your own personal change. Our work together will consist of:


Before the trip

Defining your objectives, and outlining your emotional goals.  I will be with you to make all aspects of the trip easier for you and preparation that is relevant to your personal and psychological enrichment.


During the trip

I will offer you the help you need during your adventures, supporting you in times of doubt, and guiding you through any challenges that may arise.


After the trip

We will analyze the conclusions, what has been learned, what has been discarded, and what you need to be encouraged in your day to day life.

My goal is that both the place and the experiences of your trip are the right scenario to achieve the goal you are looking for, bringing you closer to a greater emotional well-being.

Today is the beginning of the greatest impact of your life

A man’s mind, stretched by new ideas, may never return to its original dimensions.” — Oliver Wendell Holmes

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I am Javier Labourt, travel psychologist

My mission is to accompany you in the process of creating your journey, so that the experiences you live in your adventures bring you the personal growth and enrichment you are looking for.