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Boost your



The person who returns from the journey
cannot possibly be the same person who set out
(Craig Storti)

Travel to enhance your wellbeing

Did you know that travelling has an enormous potential power to transform your life?

Traveling to unknown places, discovering your strengths in unexpected situations, meeting people from different cultures and different visions…

These adventures, beyond your daily routine, hold unimaginable possibilities that will foster your emotional well-being… and generate a positive change in your life.

This potential possibility will be reached sooner and more safely, with a “guide” that helps you leave the excess baggage behind, and accompanies you in the exploration of your emotional well-being.

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What is the starting point of our journey together?

Don’t feel intimidated by the adventure!



Through the ALIVE travel method, you will travel with an expert travel – psychologist, transforming your way of seeing things and your life! We will work before, during and after the trip.



A series of sessions that will be focused on the goals of personal change that you want to achieve in your travels.



Discovering the essential habits to build a happier life in this workshop designed for individuals, groups, and companies.

About me

Javier Labourt, from traditional psychotherapy to creative travel psychology.

Hi, I’m Javier Labourt, I have been studying the connection between psychology and travel for many years.

I currently use the power of adventure and discovery, to help you find the psychological and emotional well-being you need and deserve.

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Learn about the talks, resources, and suggestions to help you get the most out of your travels.

First step

Don't miss the opportunity of discovering the world and rediscovering yourself!

Surprise and test yourself, knowing that you have the emotional support you need, in order to achieve the change and improvement you are looking for, before, during, and after your journey!