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Javier Labourt: psychologist, traveler, artist…

And now, the companion and guide of your emotional well-being.

The beginning of everything

From Argentina to the United States: The Power Of Travel

At the age of 7, I took my first long plane trip from Argentina to the United States with my grandparents. In the months leading up to it, I was extremely excited.

But, when the big day arrived, the fact of getting on the plane without my parents and embarking on this great adventure in such a distant country, just terrified me. At that young age, I began to understand the power of travel.

Those hours of fear of the unknown, helped me discover that travel was a powerful tool to face our fears.

California, USA: The Power Of Psychology

I studied Psychology in Buenos Aires, Argentina, where I subsequently worked as a Clinical Psychotherapist, for several years.

My main interest was focused on researching the “therapeutic alliance”, which refers to a cooperative working relationship between patient and therapist. I have published several articles on the subject.

I obtained a Master’s degree in Psychology at Palo Alto University, in California, USA. It was there, that I began to appreciate that the power of psychology could help us achieve closer bonds as well as fuller and happier lives.

My mission from that point on was to spread psychological knowledge into areas where psychology had little presence… such as travel.

From Traditional Psychotherapy to Creative Travel Psychology

After years of searching, I finally understood that I had to integrate my two passions: psychology and travel.

The tools I developed as a psychologist and my passion for travel, empower me to facilitate positive transformations in the lives of those who travel with me. This marked the inception of Javier Labourt, the travel psychologist. With this synergy in mind, I conceived the ALIVE method, designed to accompany travelers throughout their journeys.

I am developing my own television travel-program, a show that integrates inspirational travel and psychology. As a result of this curious symbiosis, in 2019, the National University of Athens invited me to participate in a TEDx talk and expose the link between travel and psychology.

Silueta de grecia

TV in Greece and a passion for soccer!

For more than 8 years, I have been training in the performing arts, both in theater, and improvised acting. I am also passionate about music and I am a professional DJ!
I was guest host of the show “World Party”, the most successful travel show in the history of Greek television.

In that country, I designed and taught Positive Psychology workshops to help people build happier lives, which, as you must have realized, if you are still reading, is something that gives me great satisfaction!

To round off this brief summary of my life, I would like to add that I am a passionate soccer fan, and a passionate supporter of the Argentine national team as well as Boca Juniors.

This is my story.

And, now, all my attention is focused on your story. On your path.

On achieving your maximum emotional well-being in every adventure you decide to experience.